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Lesson 3[edit]


English     =        Hebrew

Question words

Where (is)?       =        Eifo?  ?איפה

Where to?         =        Le'an?  ?לאן

Where from?       =        Me'ayin?  ?מאין*


The              =         Ha...  ...ה
(definite article) Prefixes to the word it is modifying

And              =         Ve...  ...ו
Prefixes to the word it is modifying 

To               =         Le...  ...ל
Prefixes to the word it is modifying

From             =         Mi...  ...מ
Prefixes to the word it is modifying

In               =         Be...  ...ב
Prefixes to the word it is modifying

That             =         She... ...ש
Prefixes to the first word in the clause it is modifying


restaurant       =        Mis'ada מסעדה

hotel            =        Malon מלון

restroom         =        Sherutim שרותים (literally means "services")

street           =        Rehov  רחוב

England          =        Angliya  אנגליה

Germany          =        Germanya  גרמניה

Israel           =        Yisrael  ישראל

Australia        =        Ostraliya אוסטרליה

United States    =        Artsot ha-brit  ארצות הברית

U.S.A.           =        (written abbreviation)  ארה"ב (Pronounced Arhav - Though seldom used in speech)


  • Although Me'ain (where from) is taught in a lot of textbooks, it is rarely used in daily speech. instead, the word used is Me'eifo (מאיפה).



How would you say the following in Hebrew?

  1. Where are you from?
  2. Where is the restaurant?
  3. How are you? (Review from lesson 1.)
  4. Where is a restroom? (This is useful and important question for travelers. Note: The English word "a" is not translated, so the question translates word for word as "Where is restroom?")

Use the word 'Eifo' (אֵיפֹה) for "where is":

Eifo hashirutim? "Where is the restroom?" איפה השרותים?‏

Eifo hamisadah? "Where is the restaurant?" איפה המסעדה?‏

Eifo hamalon? "Where is the hotel?" איפה המלון?‏

Eifo r'chov ben-y'hudah? "Where is Ben-Yehuda street?" איפה רחוב בּן-יהודה?‏

Eifo y'rushalayim? "Where is Jerusalem?" איפה ירושלים?‏

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