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  • Avoid using transliteration.
  • Don't bother trying to type Hebrew in the wiki edit box. You'll just end up with a big mess. Instead, type the Hebrew into a word processor with right-to-left support, such as MS word or OpenOffice, and then copy it.
  • Avoid putting Hebrew and English on the same line. If you want to (like I did for vocabulary), write the English part first, then copy the Hebrew inside. It's a good idea not to let the far right or left character be a Hebrew character.
  • To type Hebrew diacritic marks, turn caps lock on and press Shift + ~,0-9,-,+
  • Diacritic marks are not easily seen unless you bump up the font size and/or change the Hebrew font.

Hebrew Templates[edit]

Use the Hebrew Templates to keep the diacritic marks in the right place, to make the text larger and easier to read and to make it easier to switch between left to right and right to left text.

Enter {{Hebrew| אֳ }} to create אֳ or
Enter {{Hebrew-Large| אֳ }} to create אֳ

Instructions for Typing in Hebrew with Diacritic Marks Using Windows[edit]

  1. Make sure the Hebrew language is installed. Use the Windows installation disc to do so.
  2. Once Hebrew is installed, go to Start -> Control Panel -> Regional and Language Options.
  3. Go to the Languages tab, and in the Text services and input languages box, click the Details button.
  4. In the new window, under the Settings tab, find the button in the Installed services area that says Add.
  5. Under Input Language, find Hebrew. The box below it will also change to Hebrew. Click OK.
  6. In the Preferences area, click Language Bar and make sure the first and third checkboxes are selected.
  7. Congratulations, you are now able to type in Hebrew!
  8. To type vowels, make sure Caps Lock is on, move the cursor past the letter you want to apply the vowel to, then hold down Shift and type using the numbers row above the letters section of the keyboard (i.e. type %,&, etc. with 'Caps Lock' on).
Key Vowel Example
~ ְ אְ
1 ֱ אֱ
2 ֲ אֲ
3 ֳ אֳ
4 ִ אִ
5 ֵ אֵ
6 ֶ אֶ
7 ַ אַ
8 ָ אָ
9 ׂ שׂ
0 ׁ שׁ
_ ֹ וֹ
+ ּ כּ
| ֻ אֻ

Discussion Pages[edit]

Please see the discussion pages for dialogs about how to organize the pages, improvements, etc.