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Hours[edit | edit source]

shaah - שעה - hour

  • What is the time? ?מה השעה (mah hashaah?)

The answer is "_________ השעה היא" (hashaah hi ...) e.g. "השעה היא שלוש" (hashaah hi shalosh)

Times of day[edit | edit source]

  • In the morning: בבוקר (baboker)
  • At noon: בצהריים (batzhoraim)
  • In the Afternoon: אחרי הצהריים (ahrei hatzhoraim)
  • In the evening: בערב (baerev)
  • At mindnight: בחצות (bahatzot)
  • What time of day is it? ?מה הזמן ביום עכשיו (mah hazman bayom achshav?)

The answer is "_______ עכשיו (achshav...) e.g. "עכשיו אחרי הצהריים" (achshav ahrei hatzhoraim)

Military clock[edit | edit source]

In Hebrew, military clock notation is used in writing. However, in spoken Hebrew, say the number and then time of day.

  • 3 A.M. = 3 in the morning: שלוש בבוקר (shalosh baboker)
  • 3 P.M. = 3 in the afternoon: שלוש אחרי הצהריים (shalosh ahrei hatzhoraim)