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דָם -- blood dam

כְּאֵב — ache, pain (noun) k'ayv
רֹאשׁ — head (noun) rosh

רוֹפֵא -- doctor (medical) ro-feh

nouns: doctor, nurse, hospital, head, hand, fire, flood, police


adjectives: dangerous, sick, healthy

מְסֻכָּן — dangerous (adjective) m'su-can
חוֹלֶה — sick, ill (adjective) cho-le
בָּרִיא — healthy (adjective) ba-ree


verbs: hurts

הִכְאִיב — to hurt (verb) hiḥ-iv

Phrases and Sentences[edit]

כְּאֵב רֹאשׁ -- headache k'eyv rosh

sentences: My head hurts. Where is a hospital? He is sick. She is a doctor.


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