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Note: This page does not currently fit into of the sequences in the Hebrew Wikibook. It can be used as a reference.

סָגֹל — purple, violet (adjective) sa-gol
אָדֹם — red (adjective) a-dom
כָּחֹל — blue (adjective) ka-ḥol
צָהֹב — yellow (adjective) tsa-hov
כָּתֹם — orange (adjective) ka-tom
יָרֹק — green (adjective) ya-rok
שָׁחֹר — black (adjective) sha-ḥor
לָבָן — white (adjective) la-van
אָפֹר — grey (adjective) a-for
חוּם — brown (adjective) ḥoom
תָּכוֹל — light blue (adjective) ta-hol