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Hawaiian Monarchs/Kamehameha II

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Kamehameha II

Sandalwood Trade[edit | edit source]

Sandalwood is a highly valuable material

The sandalwood trade was started by Kamehameha I. The people that wanted to trade were the Chinese and later the English. They traded fur, tea, rum, cocoa, guns, ammo, yams, cottons, woolens, nails, saddles, canvases, French wines, glass, harnesses, iron pots, pans, pens, paper, ink, flour, soap, rice, hemp, and animals such as goats and pigs. The sandalwood trade ended when Kamehameha I died. The sandalwood trade started up again by Kamehameha II but with lesser control. The sandalwood trade became so popular that there was less and less sandalwood. Kamehameha II ordered his people to find more sandalwood. There was so little sandalwood that Kamehameha II promised to send sandalwood to his traders. More and more foreign people came to Hawaii and brought diseases that killed a lot of his people. Kamehameha II wrote a letter to King George (King Of England) to ask for help , and that is when the sandalwood trade ended.

Liholiho Death[edit | edit source]

Liholiho and Kamamalu both were going on a trip to visit George IV. The couple were going to England on the British ship. Liholiho and Kamamalu left Hawai’i on the year of 1823. While Liholiho went to England, his brother Kauikeaouli ruled the land while he was gone. It took Liholiho and Kamamalu 6 months to reach England. When Liholiho and Kamamalu arrived to England, they stayed at a London hotel. Liholiho and Kamamalu got to watch a theater performance and a balloon ascent. A month later, Kamamalu died on July 8, 1824 and Liholiho died a week later, both of them died from measles. The English people shipped the bodies back to Hawai’i. When the Hawaiian people found out that their king died every one was very sad. The next King Kamehameha III Kauikeaouli was the third child of Kamehameha.