Handbook of the Swatow Vernacular modernized/A List of Classifiers

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Lesson 27

Lesson XXVII. a list of classifiers.[edit | edit source]

Pêng'im TL Characters English
gai5 kâi, Applied to men, and things generally.
liab8 liâp, Applied to fruit, spherical things, as balls, pills, &c.
diou5 tiòu, Applied to rivers, roads, collars, ropes, laws, hair, snakes, lizards, &c. and things in stripes.
gi1 ki, Applied to masts, sticks, knives, spoons, pencils, pillars, branches of trees or plants, &c.
sang1 sang, Applied to things that go in pairs, as shoes, stockings, gloves, chop-sticks, &c.
dui3 tùi, Applied to things that go in pairs, as scrolls, candle-sticks, horses, &c.
dêng2 téng, Applied to hats, caps, sedan chairs, &c.
nian2 niánn, Applied to coats, bed clothes, nets, mats, &c.
ka1 kha, Applied to boxes, coffins, bangles, rings, &c.
goin1 koinn, Applied to houses, shops, rooms.
zo7 tsō, Applied to large dwelling houses, ancestral halls.
diên1 tienn, Applied to sheets of paper, letters,
bao1 pau, Applied to things in bundles and bales.
bê2 pé, Applied to bundles of wood, vegetables, flowers, &c.
zang5 tsâng, Applied to trees, plants, vegetables.
zag4 tsat, 𥱳 Applied to spaces between the joints on the finger, or on bamboo, sugarcane, &c.
ziah4 tsiah, Applied to ships, quadrupeds, birds, fowls, &c.
zai7 tsāi, Applied to cargoes, boat loads, &c.
go3 kò, Applied to lands, gardens, boards &c., and slices or pieces of things.
kou1 khou, Applied to dollars, bundles of firewood.
bhou2 bóu, Applied to fields.
kung5 khûn, Applied to crowds of men, herds of quadrupeds, flocks of fowls, ducks, &c.
bag4 pak, Applied to maps, Chinese pictures, &c.
gian6 kiănn, Applied to any business or affair, &c.
bhuê2 búe, Applied to fish.
diam2 tiám, Applied to spots of dirt, drops of rain, &c.
lui2 lúi, Applied to flowers.
lêg8 lêh, Applied to files of soldiers, rows of houses, &c.
guan6 kuănn, Applied to strings of cash or beads, &c.
hu3 hù, Applied to things in sets and suits.
bng2 pńg, Applied to books.
hiêh8 hiêh, Applied to leaves of books.
mng5 mn̂g, Applied to cannons.
kao2 kháu, Applied to gardens, smokes of opium or tobacco.
coh4 tshoh, 零些 Applied to a quantity of things, a small crowd of men.
bên5 pénn, Applied to stage-plays.
bang1 pan, Applied to companies of actors, bands, &c.
ui7 uī, Applied to persons of respectability.