Handbook of Management Scales/Team performance

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Team performance (alpha = 0.93)[edit | edit source]

Definition[edit | edit source]

Team performance is defined as the extent to which a team is able to meet its output goals (e.g., quality, functionality, and reliability of outputs), the expectations of its members, or its cost and time objectives (Ancona & Caldwell, 1992).

Items[edit | edit source]

  • Our team effectively used its resources. (0.92)
  • Our team was within the proposed budget. (0.96)
  • Our team was within the proposed time-schedule. (0.87)
  • Our team was able to meet its goals. (0.93)
  • Our team was able to respond quickly to problems. (0.88)

(items adopted from Ancona & Caldwell, 1992, and Oh, Chung & Labianca, 2004)

Source[edit | edit source]

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