Handbook of Management Scales/Marketing routines

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Marketing routines (alpha = 0.71; 0,65)[edit]


To measure the construct, the authors relied on scale items previously used by Kohli et al. (1993), and Pothukuchi et al. (2002).


Marketing routines are the procedures for learning about customer needs, devising plans for serving those needs and implementing such plans (Kohli & Jaworski, 1990).


  • The firm/partner uses technically oriented people for sales tasks. (0.85; 0.69)
  • The firm/partner is proactive rather than reactive with customers (e.g., has a hungry sales force, goes public with information about products under development). (0.73; 0.59)
  • The firm/partner objectively presents alternative competing solutions that can best serve customers’ needs rather than force-fitting its own solutions. (0.56; 0.74)
  • The firm/partner incorporates the best products, solutions or platforms available to the industry instead of simply pushing proprietary technology, solutions, or products. (0.76; 0.75)



The second alpha value is lower than 0.7 and, thus, too low. In some items, the relationship to marketing remains a bit unclear.