Handbook of Management Scales/Leader-member exchange

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Leader-member exchange (alpha > 0.7)[edit | edit source]

Description[edit | edit source]

Schriesheim, Neider, Scandura, and Tepper's (1992) six-item leader-member-exchange scale was used to measure subordinate-perceived LMX in the current investigation. This instrument (LMX6) is based upon the conceptual work of Dienesch and Liden (1986), and it has shown high convergence with the commonly used LMX7 scale; the latter is presented in Scandura and Graen (1984:430) and was developed by Graen, Novak, and Sommerkamp (1982).

Items[edit | edit source]

Two sample items are presented here. The other items can be found in Schriesheim, Neider, Scandura, and Tepper (1992).

  • The way my supervisor sees me, he/she would probably say that my ability to do my job well is: (exceptional = 5, good to very good = 4, average = 3, below average = 2, and poor = 1).
  • I feel that my work goals and those of my supervisor are: (the same = 5, similar = 4, unrelated = 3, different = 2, and opposite = 1).

Source[edit | edit source]