Handbook of Management Scales/Distribution service performance

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Distribution service performance (alpha = 0.86; AVE = 0.55; CR = 0.86)[edit]


Distribution service performance was measured with Ellinger et al.’s (2000) scale. One item (“notifying customers in advance”) was replaced with an item from Stank et al.’s (2001) scale.


Distribution service performance refers to “the overall fulfillment of customer expectations in logistics operations”.


Please rate your logistics organization’s performance in comparison to competitors:

  • The ability to meet quoted or anticipated delivery dates and quantities on a consistent basis. (0.75)
  • The ability to respond to the needs and wants of key customers. (0.71)
  • The ability to accommodate delivery times for specific customers. (0.68)
  • The adherence to customer specifications. (0.72)
  • The global judgment regarding the extent to which logistics performance matches customer expectations. (0.84)

Items were measured on a scale from “1 = much worse” to “7 = much better than competitors”.


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