Handbook of Management Scales/Codification

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Codification (alpha = 0.86)[edit]


Based on learning theory and multilevel thinking, measures were developed and validated for four types of team learning processes, as “team learning originates in individual intuition, is amplified through interpretation and integration, and manifests itself at the team level via the codification of collective cognition and action”.


Codification “enables a team to put knowledge and ideas into practice and reflect and build on what has been learned” (Gibson & Vermeulen, 2003, p. 206).


  • Our team carefully documented how we did our work. (0.96)
  • In our team, we had a formal system to capture good ideas. (0.91)
  • Our team attempted to record our best practices. (0.70)

(items adopted from Gibson & Vermeulen, 2003)