Handbook of Management Scales/Change initiation - Clarity and strength of vision of change

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V - Clarity and strength of vision of change (α = 0.802) (Tornjanski, 2019)[edit | edit source]

Description[edit | edit source]

Cudanov, Tornjanski and Jasko have developed construct based on Beckhard and Harris's model and the subsequent literature with the primary purpose to provide quantitative prediction model in the area of organizational change management. Authors have formalized earlier qualitative assessment into measurement construct aiming at certifying Beckhard and Harris's change model empirically. Second component in Beckhard and Harris's change formula, i.e. “V”, refers to the clarity and strength of vision of change. Accordingly, second-order construct depicted in text below refers to assessment of clarity and strength of change vision.

Definition[edit | edit source]

Vision should be attractive, understandable, aimable and shared in details to all employees with the purpose to bring employees positive attitude for a future state to move forward (Beckhard & Harris, 1987). Pearce and Ensley (2004, p. 260, 261) described shared vision “as a common mental model of the future state of the team or its tasks that provides the basis for action within the team” (Cudanov et al., 2019).

Items[edit | edit source]

(1 - Completely disagree; 5 - Completely agree):

  • Change vision is very inspirational and I am sure it will lead to be better than now
  • I would work hard for obtaining change vision
  • I would give a lot to work in a company which is as described in our change vision

Source[edit | edit source]