Handbook of Management Scales/Business process skills

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Business process skills[edit | edit source]

Description[edit | edit source]

The paper defines and operationalizes eight Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) competence constructs. A two-stage normative process of scale development is followed. First, a portfolio of eight generic constructs that are hypothesized to be associated with successful ERP adoption is identified. Each construct is then operationalized as a multi-item measurement scale by applying a manual item sorting technique iteratively to independent panels of expert judges until tentative reliability and validity is established. Second, the multi-item scales is further refined and validated using survey data from 79 North American manufacturing users of ERP systems. The following items are taken from the business process skills dimension of the ERP competence construct.

Definition[edit | edit source]

Business process skills represents an understanding of how the business operates, and the ability to predict the impact of a particular decision or action on the rest of the enterprise (Roth et al. 1995).

Items[edit | edit source]

  • There is a high level of business process knowledge within the ERP Entity.
  • Employees understand how their actions impact the operations of other functional areas.
  • Employees understand how their daily business activities support the goals of the ERP Entity.
  • Managers are not clear on how ERP-focused business processes support the goals of the ERP Entity.
  • The operational processes of the ERP Entity are formally documented. (*)
  • Our ERP Entity's business process documentation reflects actual operational activities. (*)
  • Functional managers are able to document cross-functional business process flows. (*)
  • Business process design is driven by customer requirements. (*)
  • Managers are skilled at analyzing business processes for customer benefits.

(*) = standard path loading below 0.5.

Source[edit | edit source]