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The Warthog, also known as the Hog, the M12 LRV, and the M12 Force Application Vehicle, is a small Jeep-like vehicle with a machine gun turret, while also comfortably seating 3. It is humorously known for it’s physics which more than often results in the vehicle flipping over, the power of the machine gun, and it’s presence in another form of media, Red vs Blue.

Usage in Multiplayer

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The Warthog is useful for traversing maps that are medium to large sized, as the regular walkspeed is too slow and wastes too much time if you happen to die often. With the ability to seat a passenger and a gunner, bringing the total passenger count to 3 with the driver, you can quickly assemble a small attack force to assault the enemy team’s objectives.

Another aspect is the machine gun mounted on the back of the vehicle. It is also medium and somewhat long ranged, however at longer ranges the crosshair for the gun may not be sufficient for aiming. Instead, make sure to not focus on one target to continually hammer away at with bullets, focus on multiple other targets if possible and try to get someone or yourself to drive the warthog constantly in order to throw off snipers who are aware of your little run and gun tactic.

Since the warthog is a vehicle, another tactic is to attempt to run over enemy players, especially if your warthog has lost all it’s passengers and you are the last man standing, or if close range tactics are the only tactic available due to either a lack of a gunner or the gun cannot hit a target.

If you happen to be on the receiving end of a warthog attack, grenades, sniper rifles(if you can eliminate the driver or other armed targets), and rocket launchers are all effective at eliminating warthogs. If you wish to use plasma grenades, avoid throwing them on the window of the warthog because they simply slide off. Instead, try to throw the grenade on the turret and generally anywhere on the body of the vehicle.