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This page gives a quick overview of what works for what and what to beware of[edit | edit source]

Good for Not good for Pros Cons Watch out for AOB Learning Curve
Mailing lists Coordinating activities, keeping in touch with supporters, Sharing large files, collaborative work on-line, recruiting new support Simple, quick and cheap Low visibility Trolls easy (Send and Reply email)
Wikis Collaborative work Tasks that require hierarchy and secrecy Cheap, easy to use, transparent, in many cases much better than using e-mails, history area (nothing is ever erased) History area all actions are documented Spam Steep (needs a tutorial - new people have difficulty embracing wikis)
Social networking sites Keeping up-to-date on people, finding friends of friends who can assist, searching for people with specific skills, job searching People whom you do not know who want you to join their network for no good reason easy
Forums Discussing a specific question, expressing many opinions, moving towards a decision Long discussions that last many weeks or months "Flaming" wars: people getting emotional and upset about a topic. That is the time to move the discussion to another format (phone, face-to-face meeting) easy
Shared Referencing Finding out about links that might interest you, sharing links you identified, promoting links so others learn about them