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The TCP/IP Is A collection of general conception instructions and specifications of particular networking protocols which is outlined in the TCP/IP model for the communication by computers over a network.

TCP/IP offers end-to-end communication that defines the encoding, address, transmission, routing and receiving of the data at the destination. The TCP / IP model is not equal to the OSI model, however the model has been influenced.

TCP/IP is essential to the Internet Protocol suite because Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and internet protocol are the basic protocols of the suite (IP).TCP & IP Are Different Protocols But Commonly Referred To As "TCP/IP".

In Layman's Terms, IP is responsible for knowing where the information is supposed to go, Once the IP address has been identified, TCP is charged for sending that Information.

The Internet Protocol Suite offers end-to-end data processing showing how information is to be packed, addressed, transmitted, routed and received. This feature is organized into four layers of abstraction, which define each protocol by the networking sphere involved.