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N. 28. In “Habermas and the Unfinished Project of Modernity: Critical Essays on The Philosophical Discourse of Modernity (Maurizio Passerin d'Entrèves, Ed.), Jay M. Bernstein offers an article entitled “The Causality of Fate: Modernity and Modernism in Habermas.” On page 248 of that article, Bernstein discusses what he calls this “long and nervous footnote.” See http://books.google.com/books?id=P4kg3t6j5FgC&pg=PA248&lpg=PA248&dq=%22philosophical+discourse+of+modernity%22+excursus+%22leveling+the+genre+distinction%22&source=web&ots=tAtqD7NwNS&sig=UNNZofP2UUPqsJJ7XPyeUep52GE#PPA248,M1