HSC Geography/Urban Places

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This page is just an outline/draft

world cities[edit | edit source]

the nature, character and spatial distribution of world cities and also D-mac[edit | edit source]

world cities are centres of national and international significance

the role of world cities as powerful centers of economic and cultural authority[edit | edit source]

World Cities as Centers of Cultural Authority

the operation of global networks[edit | edit source]

Spatial Distribution of World Cities

Australia's Network of Large Cities

the relationships of dominance and dependence between world cities and other urban centers and the changing role of regional centers and the demise of the small town.[edit | edit source]

mega cities[edit | edit source]

Developing world cities

the challenges of living in mega cities such as housing, traffic infrastructure, water and power supplies, sanitation services, employment, and other social and health issues[edit | edit source]


Housing Problems

Water and Sewage Problems

Health and Nutrition Problems

Air, Water and Noise Pollution

access to services

the responses to these challenges such as self-help projects, community self government, cooperation from NGOs, urban protest and the operations of informal economies[edit | edit source]

urban dynamics[edit | edit source]

the urban dynamics of change: suburbanization, exurbanization, counterurbanization, decentralization, consolidation, urban decay, urban renewal, urban village, spatial exclusion[edit | edit source]


  • The American Experience
  • The Australian Experience


  • The Australian Context

Counterurbanization and Decentralization

  • An end to Counterurbanization?
  • The Australian Experience
  • An expanding Perimetropolitan Area
  • Employment
  • Residential Preference
  • Welfare Dependency

Urban Consolidation

  • The Newman View: A Case for Urban consolidation
  • The Troy View: A Case Against Urban Consolidation
  • The Sydney Case
  • Community Based Opposition to Urban Consolidation

Urban Decay and Renewal

  • The American Context
  • The Suburbanization of Manufacturing and Warehousing
  • Land Economics and Land Use Change
  • The Sydney Case

Urban Villages

  • Cities within Cities
  • The Sydney Case

Spatial Exclusion or Fortified Suburbs

Economic Restructuring and its Urban Impacts

Technological Change and its Urban Impacts

  • Transportation
  • Telecommunications

New Kinds of Cities, New Urban Geographies

  • a case study of the results of the urban dynamics in a large city selected from the developed world including its
    • social structure and spatial patterns of advantage and disadvantage, wealth and poverty, ethnicity
    • changing economic character, nature and location of residential land, commercial and industrial development
    • culture of place as expressed in the architecture, street scape, heritage architecture, noise, colour, street life, energy, vitality and lifestyles
    • growth, development, future trends and ecological sustainability
  • a case study showing one of the urban dynamics listed above, operating in a country town or suburb.