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Almost as soon as you start playing guitar, you will learn a handful of songs or riffs. But often after a while, you can't think anything new or interesting to play. Learning songs can be tough, but thinking of songs to learn can be even tougher. This page aims to simplify things, by providing a list of songs, and perhaps a tip or two for learning.

  • Easy songs are songs that are played mostly with open chords, or involve uncomplicated riffs higher up on the neck. Easy song, difficult solos are those that have very challenging solos.
  • Intermediate songs are songs that a beginner would find challenging, but an experienced guitarist should be able to pick up quickly. Generally the songs involve faster chord changes or difficult riffs.
  • Difficult songs are songs that experienced players have a little trouble with. Beginners would likely be unable to play these songs because they have not yet developed their skill and coordination with their hands, but they do make excellent goals.
  • Impossible songs are songs that make expert players scratch their head. They are extremely complicated, take lots of practice to play and require a high level of playing ability. These are the songs that make people say "Maybe one day I'll be able to play that."

Songs are organized alphabetically by band name or artist last name, then song title. Include non-standard tunings and any other important information. Please only list popular musicians (but not necessarily popular songs!), and please only list specific songs. Do not be tempted to include "Everything by Band X/Artist Y", because certainly not every single song they have recorded requires the same level of skill.

Easy Songs[edit | edit source]

The White Stripes - Seven Nation Army

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