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This book has no authors other than the public: it is open for anyone and everybody to improve. Therefore, this is more properly a list of acknowledgements of contributors than a list of authors. Whoever we are, this is where we get to brag about our accomplishments in writing this book.

List of major contributors[edit | edit source]

  • Kef Li Eric Marcus X-Schecter is the esoteric pen name of the former primary author of (er, contributor to) this book. He is, in his own words, not entirely qualified to write this book: he is learning as much as the readers are! He plays the electric guitar in the fingerpicking style exclusively, and has written a small number of songs. He currently enjoys writing and transcribing guitar tablature for the Power Tab Archive.
  • Sluffs, added chord diagram images to the Chord Reference section
  • Daniel made various minor contributions.
  • GABaker, who has had a lot trouble tuning cheap guitars, contributed to the section on tuning.
  • Michael Hoffman explained classic techniques for shaping distortion tones and controlling distortion independently from listening volume, on the Tone and Volume page.
  • Meemo created and added much content to the different types of guitars section and added the paragraph on stringing guitars, which seemed important until he read the list of external tutorials...
  • Sameer Kale Did a good bit of the Chords section a while ago, started off the Rhythm section, along with adding a few bits to ther places. He doesn't know why such a page as this exists, but does not want to be left out.
  • Others (add your name and description if you made a major contribution)
  • Various anonymous persons.