Guide to UC San Diego/Transportation and Parking

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Parking Office[edit | edit source]

The Parking Office is on the first level of the Gilman Parking Structure and the door to this office opens to Russell Lane.[1] At the beginning of each quarter, many students need to go to the parking office and a very long line forms at times so incoming students should plan for this. Students can buy parking permits here and also at the UCSD Bookstore.[2]

Shuttles[edit | edit source]

There are several free shuttle routes that students can use.[3] There are two Campus Loop routes (clockwise and counterclockwise) that run throughout the day and evening. As its name states, it runs in a big loop around the main campus. There is an East/Regents route that runs from the Price Center East to East parking lot and Regents parking lot and back throughout the day and evening. There is a Mesa Housing shuttle that runs from the Mesa apartments to the main campus and back. These shuttles run Monday through Friday during the academic quarter.

Free Bus Route Sticker[edit | edit source]

Several public bus routes are free to UC San Diego students. These include MTS/NCTD routes 30, 41, 101, 150, 201, 202 and 921. To ride these buses for free, students must to go to the Parking Office and get a sticker attached to their Student ID. These stickers are good for one full year and enrolled students can get a new sticker each year they are a student at UC San Diego.