Guide to UC San Diego/Dining and Shopping

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There are a number of places students can shop or dine at on campus and off.

Price Center[edit | edit source]

Price Center consists of two parts, Price Center West and Price Center East. Price Center West is the original Price Center and consists of a plaza surrounded by the UCSD Bookstore, a movie theater, and a food court to name a few places of interest to students. There are tables students can sit at in the plaza and public events such as musical performances take place there. Price Center West is the recently-completed portion of the Price Center and consists of a large enclosed lobby area containing several restaurants such as Burger King and it contains the Sunshine Market, a small convenience store. There are also study rooms and ACMS computers available for student use here. Outside of Price Center East is the loop on Matthews Lane where students get on and off the East/Regents shuttle. Price Center West has a large ballroom used for events such as the Textbook Reservation Service and Price Center East has a smaller ballroom for events.

Malls[edit | edit source]

There are several malls near the main campus. La Jolla Village Square Shopping Center and La Jolla Village Shopping Center are close to campus and students can get there by exiting the main campus through the Villa La Jolla Drive exit and turning left on Nobel Drive. Students can also get there by taking the MTS 201 bus and returning to campus on the 202 or on the Nobel Cityshuttle. Each of these malls has a movie theater and a grocery store (Whole Foods Market and Ralphs, respectively). UTC Mall on La Jolla Village Drive has many stores such as Sears, Macy's and Nordstrom.[1] Across Genesee Avenue from UTC is Costa Verde Center.