Guide to UC San Diego/Computers and Technology

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Students at UC San Diego have access to many computers and other technology resources.[1] The people responsible for running it all are Academic Computing & Media Services (ACMS).[2] If you are having a problem or have a question about the computers, you can contact them by email or by calling them at (858) 534-3227.

Computer Access[edit | edit source]

When you become a UC San Diego student, you will be given a username and password that you can use to log on to any ACMS computer on campus.[3]

Campus Email[edit | edit source]

You will be given an email address when you become a student at UCSD.[4] Your email address is the same as the username you use to log on to ACMS computers but with "" at the end of it. You will also be give a password (which you can change if you want). You will also learn what ACS server your email is hosted on. You can access your email account by going to this page and typing in your username (which is the same as your ACMS username that you use access ACMS computers) and your password (which is also the same password you use to access ACMS computers). Once you have typed your username and have tabbed down to your password, the server your email is on should be automatically selected for you.

Computer Labs[edit | edit source]

To find a ACMS computer lab, go to this page and search for a lab. You can search by location, type of computer, printing options and so on.