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Guide to Tor hidden services and elements of the Tor network

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If you are planning to edit this, please read the Preface: it describes the history of editorial disputes on Wikipedia that resulted in this becoming a Wikibook in order to maintain its completeness.

This book is a WORK UNDER CONSTRUCTION and, for that reason, while we aim to be a reliable list of Tor links on the Clearnet, other sites exist that are currently much better.

  • Check out the list of [[#Alternative s

ources | alternative sources here]].


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Taking your first steps into Tor

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To future authors: how to set up the Tor Browser Bundle, etc.
  1. Download the Tor Browser Bundle.
  2. Figure out if your connection is proxied, firewalled, or censored.
    1. if proxied: set up Tor to use your proxy
    2. if firewalled: set up your firewall to allow Tor access, or obtain and use a proxy and follow the "proxied" instructions
    3. if censored: learn to set up Tor bridge relays

Tor is a jungle. How to be a primary source

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To future authors: Don't restate what's said in the preface: why this book is needed, primary sources are rare, etc. Introduce the reader to see for him/herself why this is the case and what can be done about it, including how to properly contribute knowledge to this Wikibook, Reddit, and other sources, properly in an informed manner.

Our predecessors

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Contents and subpages

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Chapter Name Description
0 Chapter 0: Preface A more comprehensive structuring of facts about this book than given in the Introduction. Includes history of this book and policies suggested for editing this book. Please read before editing.
1 Chapter 1: The traditional sources (Reddit, Bitcoin forums, etc.) Discusses one of the several more traditional ways for operators of .onion URLs to publicize their sites.
2 Chapter 2: Meta-Tor: Hidden Wikis (and Tor directories) in Theory and Practice Overview of the known Hidden Wikis. IMPORTANT: Community as free and well advised to post as many URLs to valid/trustworthy wikis as possible in this chapter, hopefully under appropriate headings/sections and possibly (external?) subarticles.
3 Chapter 3: Darknet markets in theory and practice Overview of the known Darknet Markets. Initially imported from Reddit but hopefully a community will evolve around this Wikibook to maintain it and make it the most accurate source on Tor darknet market links available. (This page may need to be protected.)
4 Chapter 4: Creating an anonymous identity, part 1: Using proxies with Tor

How to proxychain through a Tor exit node and then through another proxy to get you a "legitimate" IP address that isn't blacklisted anywhere, including to perform anonymous financial transactions.

Note that to get a good proxy you must often pay for a proxy service, though you can pay for it anonymously.

Ideally should include instructions for the Linux/Ubuntu proxychains software package as well as the proprietary ProxyCap software for Windows/Mac.

5 Chapter 5: Creating an anonymous identity, part 2: Anonymous financial transactions How to set up PayPal, Facebook, Google Wallet, Coinbase etc. accounts under assumed names to provide the ultimate anonymity and privacy for your financial transactions. Note that you are legally responsible for what you do, and if, in the course of obtaining such an account, you provide a false SSN, this is illegal in the United States and should be in most other jurisdictions (foreign/international authors please comment here). However there are ways to obtain an "identity kit" consisting of an SSN, birth certificate, etc. (see the "REAL Genuine USA Identity Set Guide" on Agora marketplace for someone selling instructions on this. This is likely still illegal in your jurisdiction but much more ethical than stealing someone else's identity.)
A0 Appendix 0: List of reliable Tor primary references Primary sources for Tor that this community has established as reliable. Should not be written by me (the original author) alone; my opinion will be inevitably biased. --ContingentConsciousness (discusscontribs) 08:16, 8 July 2014 (UTC) Not yet completed.
A1 /Appendix 1: Editorial policy about Tor in Wikibooks and Wikipedia

Meant to extend the preface in determining what should qualify as legitimate editorial practice when writing about Tor on Wikibooks and even (ultimately) Wikipedia. Issues relating to verifiability, reliability, and notability, as well as what qualifies as primary/secondary/tertiary sources in the gray world of Tor should be discussed in detail here.

(This author will avoid bashing Wikipedia:List of Tor hidden services too much but notes here that in, insisting on reliable/notable/verifiable sources in compliance with Wikipedia's guidelines, it leaves most of its material unsourced. This is not just my opinion, click the link yourself and count how many of the Tor sites it talks about actually have valid citations. --ContingentConsciousness (discusscontribs) 08:16, 8 July 2014 (UTC)

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Decentralizing the Darknet

[edit | edit source]
  • The Decentralized Darknet Project's official wiki (need to be a member of Cryptoshares to join, cost is $100, they offer you an account containing free stock in their cooperative that accrues stock dividends the longer you leave one or more computer on and attached to the network, to the extent of the storage, bandwidth, and processing power your computer(s) provide)
  • The OnionCore subreddit, dedicated to theories and implementations of decentralizing the darknet

Alternative sources

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Summary: List our alternatives as sources here.
  • wiki.torhost.net -- Torhost.net hidden wiki[1] Known to the author --ContingentConsciousness (discusscontribs) 04:59, 5 March 2014 (UTC). Author admits this is no longer a reliable source as it has since gone offline. Would love to repost when it, the author's next project, or some other reliable source becomes available.
  • ContingentConsciousness's OnionDir[2] Under construction by the original author of this book --ContingentConsciousness (discusscontribs) 06:05, 16 May 2015 (UTC) Allows users to leave comments on sites, but not to post new links. Sites are all on one page, except that there are pages for individual sites too.
  • Anno006's Onion Dir[3] Similar to author's site OnionDir, but live and not under construction! Allows users to leave comments on sites and to post new links. Sites are organized by category and are on separate pages with previews of each site.
  • All You're Wiki, a good wiki which does its best to remove links that are harmful (scams, child pornography, etc.)
  • "The Uncensored Hidden Wiki', a good wiki insofar as being well-organized, but full of unverified sites and scams, and does not remove links to child pornography. Warning! Clicking on some of the links contained here may land you in jail if you get caught knowingly storing downloaded material.

Citations & References

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Primary (TOR)

[edit | edit source]
  1. Torhost.net Hidden Wiki Protected main page
  2. ContingentConsciousness's OnionDir (the version whose hidden service address starts with 'oniondir')
  3. Anno006's Onion Dir (the version whose hidden service address starts with 'auut')

Secondary (Reliable media, etc.)

[edit | edit source]
  • cyruservvvklto2l.onion
  • bq2ncjv5qb6zw42p.onion