Guide to The Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit/Chapter 4

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Chapter 4 of The Hobbit - "Over Hill and Under Hill"


On their path, they take the right at a fork. As they travel, weather gets colder and the terrain more dangerous. Bilbo wishes for the joy of better weather at home. The dwarves are hopeful of reaching the Lonely Mountain by Durin's Day, but Gandalf is skeptical because he knows that the land they are traveling has become evil and dangerous. The group gets caught in a violent thunderstorm caused by stone giants. They seek shelter and sleep in a cave. Bilbo dreams of a crack in the cave, only to wake and realize it is not fake.

Golbins come in and take the group prisoner. They try to grab Gandalf, but he creates electrical charges, and he disappears.

The Goblins force Bilbo and the dwarves to the cavern of the Great Goblin. The Great Goblin interrogates Thorin and accuses them of being spies, theieves, and murderers. one goblin brings out the sword Thorin brings in. This sword, Orcrist, the globin-cleaver, is well-known among goblins.

The goblins go into a rage and the Great Goblin and move to eat Thorin. Suddenly, the lights go out and the great fire in the chamber throws its sparks onto the goblins. In the darkness and confusion, a great sword flashes and strikes down the Great Goblin. A voice guides the captives out. It is Gandalf, who leads the people through the passages. The goblins follow and one catches up to the dwarf Dori, who is carrying Bilbo. Bilbo falls, hits his head and loses conciousness.


Int his chapter, they fight their first real battle. Multiple times, the travelers on this journey do not know wha to do witout instructions. The swords that Elrond idenitifed for them are crucial for the survivla of the expedition since Gandal's sword Glamdring recliams its historical role by killing the Great Goblin.

Dori's attempt to help Bilbo represents the dwarves' gradual softening and acceptance of the hobbit.


  • tinder: a flammable substance that can be used as kindling.
  • flint: material used for producing a spark.