Guide to Social Activity/Dating ideas

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Classics[edit | edit source]

If you have no idea what to do, and don't mind her knowing you are interested in her, try these:

  • Cinema - Most classic example, yet very usable, it's standard in the adolescent blind date scene, you can have fun even if the girl wants to spoil your evening. Some people think it's really boring, because you don't get to talk or look at each other.
  • Restaurant - She will usually expect you to pay for her; as a first date, you may both have an overly awkward feeling. Requires excellent conversation skills.
  • Cooking for/with her - More creative, but considered too dangerous for a first meeting of two almost-strangers!
  • Theatre - like the cinema, but a bit more unusual (and more expensive)
  • Local Play - Instead of a theatre, try going to a small local production, like at a community center. These are often quite professional, almost always a lot of fun, relatively inexpensive, and a lot less formal than a theatre.
  • Amusement Park - If you're young enough (teen), try going on a trip together with a school, community center, etc. You're probably not going to be paying for both of you. (Tickets usually cost $20-50). Hang out together in the park, maybe eat lunch together.
  • Go for a walk together - Free, non-threatening first date for almost-strangers. Some people tend to prolong such walks. According to the "don't act needy" rule, an early withdrawal might be better.

Creative things[edit | edit source]

alphabetized list

  • Bar/Pub - why does this even need to be listed?
  • Beach - go for a walk on the beach, sunrise, sunset, any time. Swim or don't, play in the sand, build castles, or have a mudfight. This is a good teen activity. The beach is particularly romantic at night (maybe too much for a first date) with the stars, the relative darkness, and the gentle lapping of the waves against the shore.
  • Bowling
  • Church or other kinds of religious services - Attend religious services together. Afterward, find out about each other's spiritual side. Reverently and respectfully discuss religious beliefs.
  • Concerts / summer rock festivals - Choose a band that has lively music and bright lights. A band she would obviously not know about is a good choice. Conversation would also not necessary during the "main event" while you can still see her (unlike movies) and perhaps dance or headbang. Later then, should be a good time to reminisce and talk about past experiences. Be careful not to get separated. (Bring along a set of earplugs to rock festivals just in case she has sensitive hearing; she will perceive this as a thoughtful gesture)
  • Crafts/Arts - Finger paint together, make foam swords, do origami, paper airplanes, paper maché, or some other creative activity
  • Convention center show - Call up the nearest city's convention center and see what's on.
  • The "Country" - If you live in an urban area with a lot of things to do, take a drive to where people get their kicks from picking off blackbirds from the fence with a rifle. (Note: This may be a bad idea for a first date. Also, find out her thoughts about shooting animals first. Target practice on inanimate objects may be better.) Teaching her how to hold a rifle is one of the classic ways to get close to a girl (the "teaching embrace").
  • Dancing - No, you don't want to lead her into a normal disco where you have to fight the fleas that suddenly get interested in your girl... Try a Latin/salsa place, if you know how to dance it. Mostly they are cheap, there are a lot of tables, and the guys usually respect a couple. Also dancing is a fabulous way to feel up a girl. Or, learn some basic ball-room dancing moves such as twirling, and especially dipping (girls like both those moves). Learn how to lead. Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers movies may provide some inspiration.
  • Drive-in Movie - The classic aspect of a regular movie might make a girl yawn. Many cities still have Drive-in theatres. Try catching a scary movie here!
  • Errands - Not exactly a date per se, but taking a girl along to get useful things done can be a good neutral way to get to know each other on more or less a friendly basis. Call up that girl and ask her if she wants to come along with you to buy groceries, register for classes, or even shopping for clothes (be careful about the whole "clothes" thing though - I think you know what I mean).
  • Expensive Areas - A lot of girls like to look at mansions, unless they live in one. Share your favorite ideas of what you would include in your dream house.
  • Food - early morning breakfast, or no-fork spaghetti, or a marathon dinner, or a dollar dinner (what you can find to eat for a dollar per person), or cornflakes by candlelight, or backwards dinner (with food on the table, eat while sitting facing the opposite direction), dinner at a campground, pacific island-themed dinner, and so on...
  • Games - Play hide-and-go-seek in the mall (Limit the area, if it is too large), play blind volleyball.
  • Hikes - Similarly, if there are some good nature areas around (state parks, historic sites, etc.), a good date can be walking a trail through them. On the magnitude of 3-5 miles gives you some time to be together without being too strenuous. Take along enough water & energy snacks for the two of you. (shows thoughtfulness)
  • Kite-flying - You could both try to make an old-fashioned kite, or you could just get a cheap kite or two.
  • Miniature Golfing - A fun activity that allows some conversation, but an even balance of an activity as well.
  • Museums, Art - A nice combination of modern and classical art is good, so that you can get a break now and again from being weirded out by all the abstract stuff. Analyze out loud what feelings different works of art evoke and invite her to do the same. (This shows her that you are in touch with your emotional side.) Be respectful of her opinions, even if they are opposite yours.
  • Park - go to a local park, sit on the benches and talk, or go for a walk around the lake. Lay down in a big grassy field at night. Now that's romantic.
  • Parties - Going for a party is always a nice idea.
  • Holiday Parties - have a Christmas party in July and go carolling. (most fun in a big group)
  • Playground - Can be found in schoolyards and parks. Make sure it is has decent-sized equipment to play on. Swings are a classic. Give her an under-dog. The right playground equipment will give you an opportunity to show off your physical prowess in a non-threatening, childlike way.
  • Pool - relatively cheap, can be a great way to have some fun.
  • Rock climbing - rock walls are a great start. A nice excuse to show your strength and to help her climb.
  • Scenery - Anywhere outdoor with a nice lookout. Nothing like an romantic evening under the stars - and there will most likely be a coffee place to learn about each other. Not to mention you can show off your astronomy skills - girls love it.
  • Shopping - In any city there are interesting locations to go, Chinatown for example or a gothic or freaky shop.
  • Skating - Any type (roller skating, roller blading, ice skating, etc.) will do. It is a (relatively) painless and cheap way to spend some quality time.
  • Skiing - Skiing although sometimes expensive is a great way to "break the ice" especially if you are a particularly good skiier
  • Sports - Racquetball, Tennis, Soccer, Volleyball, Swimming, Bicycles, Ice Skating, Bowling, Roller skating... find out if she likes to watch or play these, and make it part of a date.
  • Sunrise anything - See if she is a morning person. See what she looks like without makeup
  • Tea - Find a good teahouse, ask around. Sophisticated girls will love this one!
  • Theme Restaurant - These can be fun! Esepecially one where you and her may both have childhood memories!
  • Tricks - glue a quarter to the sidewalk, preferably in an area that gets a lot of people passing through, and then videotape the people who notice it.
  • Watching - Watching a big event on TV at your house. Probably not a sports game unless she's interested. Or watch TV with no sound and make up the funniest things they could be saying. Another idea is to watch shows like Jerry Springer and cover up the idea of that episode (i.e. "my mother was a [blank]", or "my [blank] was a [blank] behind my back) and try and guess it. You can also watch a couple of episodes from your favorite TV series (make sure she likes it first) this will also give you the chance to give her something for example "I'm getting some hot chocolate, whould you like some?".
  • Water - Water, like ponds or lakes, often has a romantic quality about it. Pick a place with lots of birds or other wildlife.
  • Water Balloons - fill up a bunch on a hot day and then have a water balloon fight. Make sure she wants to get wet first.
  • Zoo - You'll have tons to talk about and pretend you're both like kids again.

Be creative. Maybe some things you liked to do in your youth?