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In order to track the diversity and qualifications of those writing this book, please post brief information about yourself. It might be helpful to arrange ourselves in alphabetical order.

--AJ Castro supervises a Transition to Teaching Grant from the Department of Education and is instructor/curriculum developer for a Teacher Certification Program in Austin, Texas. He is currently a doctoral student in Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Texas at Austin. His research interests include teacher development and training, induction and retention, educational policy, and curriculum design.

--C. Swan is a teacher in Connecticut where she taught French and Spanish for 25 years and is currently the Technology Integration Resource teacher and Professional Development teacher leader at a prestigious Connecticut high school. She serves on the board of CECA (Connecticut Educator's Computer Association), functions as an advisor to the New York Tech-Forum Conferences sponsored by Technology and Learning Magazine, and has been invited for the past two years to judge the ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) SigTel Online Learning Awards.

--L. Wahl is currently a writer on education and technology, with an M.A. in Education, who spent ten years as Executive Director of the Center for Accessible Technology in Berkeley. She's writing for a website developed by WestEd and the Alliance for Technology Access, for Leading and Learning with Technology (a magazine from ISTE), and to have authored chapters for Computer Resources for People with Disabilities, and Edutopia: Success Stories for Learning in the Digital Age.