Guernsey French/Dictionaries/Nature

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The Natural World[edit]

Caillebottin - mackeral sky

Etelle du Nord - the pole star


Cossard - serrated wrack (fucus serratus)

Doque - dock leaf

Guernesiaise - Guernsey Lily (Nerine sarniensis)

Gênet - Butchers Broom (Ruscus aculeatus)

Ivraye - pod weed (halydris siliquosa)

Passe rose - hollyhock (alcea)


cahouan, cahan, m. - owl

hublot, ublot, n. - black backed gull

mesle/meslaësse, m/f - blackbird

prie dieu - part of the song thrush's melody

Working Animals[edit]


bœu, m. - ox (higher parishes) bœuf, m. - ox (lower parishes) des bœux, pl.


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