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Adjectives always come after the noun. Otherwise they are called determiners.

  • oga porã - the beautiful house
  • jagua kane'o - tired dog

However, a personal determiner can make the adjective become a qualifying verb.

  • ChePorã. - I am beautiful.
  • CheKane'o - I am tired.

When an adjective follows a conjugated verb, it becomes an adverb.

  • Pe karai omba'apo Porã. - This sir works well.

Also, if there is no determiner before the adjective, it is a noun.

  • Kane'o ñande mboJavy. - The tiredness made us commit a mistake.

Adjectives may also become nouns when suffixed with Kue (oral) or ngue (nasal).

  • Puku - thick
  • Pukukue thickness
  • Morotĩ - white
  • Morotĩngue whiteness