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Model Tricks


Retexturing a Model[edit | edit source]

Retexturing a model is very useful sometimes, for example if you have a rock, and want it to be out of ice or so..

to do it, just add:

key: _remap
value: *;[texture]

key: _remap
value: *;textures/hoth/ice2

Per - surface model remapping[edit | edit source]

If you don't want to retexture the whole of the model with one texture, you can use per-surface model remapping.

To do this, use:

key: _remapNN
value: [old texture];[new texture]

NN is the surface of the model - you can probably find this by looking at it in a text editor.

key: _remap01
value: textures/hoth/ice;textures/hoth/ice2

Rotating a model[edit | edit source]

Most people know how to rotate a model around the z-axis, just press the angle buttons. But, if you want to rotate the model around the x or the y axis you will have to use:

Key: angles
Value: <X> <Y> <Z>

Key: angles
Value: 90 75 60

Autoclipping/Lighting a Model[edit | edit source]

Autoclip(Should not be used on small models with many polys):
Key: spawnflags
Value: 2

Key: spawnflags
Value: 4

These can be combined to:
Key: spawnflags
Value: 6

Scaling Models[edit | edit source]

Scale on all Axes:
Key: modelscale
Value: [Multiplier]

Example (makes model 1.3 times bigger):
Key: modelscale
Value: 1.3

Scale on specific axis:
Key: modelscale_vec
Value: [Multiplier X] [Multiplier Y] [Multiplier Z]

Key: modelscale_vec
Value: 1.2 0.7 2.1