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Story missions[edit | edit source]

Portland[edit | edit source]

Introduction[edit | edit source]

Give me liberty

At this point, it is possible to do all side missions with exploits and cheats, before beginning the first mission.

Luigi[edit | edit source]

Luigi's girls
Don't spank ma bitch up
Drive Misty for me
Pump-pump action
The fuzz ball
Achievement: Use a Coach (bus) to pick up all 8 girls at once.

Joey[edit | edit source]

Only between the in-game clock time hours of 05:00 and 20:00.

Mike lips last lunch
Farewell 'Chunky' Lee Chong
Van Heist
Cipriani's chauffeur
Dead skunk in the trunk
The getaway

Tony[edit | edit source]

Bonus cash if you kill all triads.

Taking out the laundry
The pick-up
Salvatore's called a meeting
Triads and tribulations
Blow fish

Salvatore[edit | edit source]

Cutting the grass
Bomb da base
Act I
Last requests

8-Ball[edit | edit source]

Bomb da Base
Act II
If you run 'n' gun everyone on-board the ship, you will be safely teleported to just off the boat back onto the pier.

El Burro o' Diablos[edit | edit source]

Optional. Phone missions.

Can hit one of the three competitors' vehicles to immediately begin with a head start.
I scream, you scream
Trial by fire

Marty Chonks of Bitchin' Dog Food[edit | edit source]

Optional. Phone missions. Across the street from Joey's garage.

The crook
The thieves
The wife
Her lover

Staunton Island[edit | edit source]

Asuka[edit | edit source]

Sayonara Salvatore
Under surveillance
Paparazzi purge
Payday for Ray
Two-faced Tanner

Kenji[edit | edit source]


Kanbu bust-out
Grand theft auto
Deal steal
Smack down

Ray[edit | edit source]

Silence the sneak
Arms shortage
Evidence dash
Gone fishing
Plaster blaster
Marked man

Donald Love[edit | edit source]

Waka-gashira wipeout!
A drop in the ocean
Grand theft aero
Escort service
Love's disappearance

King Courtney o' Yardies[edit | edit source]

Optional. Phone missions.

Bling-bling scramble
There is no bonus if you manage to smuggle all platinum pieces in total (Patriot is best).
Uzi rider
Gangcar round-up
Kingdom come

Shoreside Vale[edit | edit source]

Catalina[edit | edit source]

The exchange

D-Ice o' Red Jacks[edit | edit source]

Optional. Phone missions.

Be aware some editions of GTA3 will erase the existence of Purple Nines after the mission Rampage.

Uzi money
Rigged to blow
Bullion run

Side missions[edit | edit source]

Ambulance[edit | edit source]

Levels 1-12 will require you to pick up and deliver L number of casualties to the hospital; Level 12 requires 4 minimum trips (Ambulance seats 3 + driver).

Bonuses: Health, Drugs, and if Level 12 is successfully completed, Claude Speed will sprint indefinitely without rest.

Recommended to do these missions ASAP before gangs begin shooting at you on sight.

Taxi[edit | edit source]

100 passengers gives you the special Cabbie (maroon/burgundy) located at the hardware store across the bridge from Diablo territory.

Vigilante[edit | edit source]

20 kills per island gives you 2 star-reductions at your hideout.

Can be started in Police cruiser, SWAT Enforcer van, FBI sedan, or Rhino tank (maybe OL Barracks truck).

(PC) Glitch: going to menu (Esc) next to fugitive will force them to exit their vehicle.

Firefighter[edit | edit source]

20 fires extinguished per island, 60 total, unlocks the Flamethrower at your hideout.

(PC) Glitch: going to the menu will extinguish any fire.

These missions are the only way to retrieve some rare vehicles for the Import-Export Garage before unlocking the 2nd island.

Upon completing each list below, all vehicles in that garage will be available for free. Walk into a GTAIII icon with the name of the vehicle hovering above, walk out of the garage, and retrieve your fresh vehicle of choice.

Import-export[edit | edit source]

Import-Export Garage, Portland
Emergency Vehicle Barge, Portland
Import-Export Garage, Shoreside

Off-road missions[edit | edit source]

Patriot playground
A ride in the park
Multistorey mayhem

Remote-controlled vehicle missions[edit | edit source]

Diablo destruction
Mafia massacre
Casino calamity
Rumpo rampage

Other stuff[edit | edit source]

Hidden packages[edit | edit source]

Up to 100 in total, this may require a separate subpage. Protip: ALL 100 are physically retrievable without cheats before starting the first mission.

On rocks in middle of bay, requires boat
Staunton Island
On highest point of suspension-lift bridge, requires either vehicle to hop on and off of, or Dodo if obtaining this package before Shoreside Vale is unlocked.
Shoreside Vale

Rampages[edit | edit source]

Unique stunt jumps[edit | edit source]