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The numbers in Gothic are very well attested.

Let's first start with the cardinal numbers, the numbers one, two and three have special declensions:


ains - one
twai - two
þrija (neutral) - three
fidwor - four
fimf - five
saihs - six
sibun - seven
ahtau - eight
niun - nine
taihun - ten

The numbers 1 to 3 are declined as adjectives:

This is the strong declension of the word 'ains':

Case masculine neutral feminine
Nominative ains ain, ainata aina
Genitive ainis ainis ainaizos
Dative ainamma ainamma ainai
Accusative ainana ain, ainata aina


ainlif - eleven
twalif - twelve
þrijataihun - thirteen
fidwortaihun - fourteen
fimftaihun - fifteen
saihstaihun - sixteen
sibuntaihun - seventeen
ahtautaihun - eighteen
niuntaihun - nineteen
twai tigjus - twenty