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The Garden of Eden. Living in God.

With this meditation, we purify our mind of stress. We learn something about the way to Paradise. We get into a life in the light. We realize happiness in our life. We become a master of life and awaken our enlightenment energy.

Paradise Meditation

The Body

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Blessing Jesus Christ.

We concentrate on our bodies and through this process bring the spirit into a state of peace. We sense this through our legs and feet as we let the light circulate through our lower limbs. We think of the word “light” as our mantra. We let the light then circulate through our arms and hands while envisioning the word “light”. We then wrap our entire bodies in a vision of light and think of the word at the same time. Then we relax.

Energy Cloud

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We begin our ascent to heaven. First we enter the astral world. We become a soul. We then visualize a cloud composed of very fine energy which encircles the body. We are this cloud. We concentrate on the cloud and not our bodies. We leave the body and think of the mantra “I am a cloud. I am a soul. I am independent from my body.” We think of this mantra until we can feel this cloud.


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We visualize the entire cosmos around us as full of stars. Our souls can travel anywhere they so desire. We meditate on the cosmos. We think of the mantra “stars”. We make large circles with the arms until we feel at one with the cosmos. We feel secure with our place in the world, we are at one with the world.

The World of Positive Souls

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Hieronymus Bosch - Paradise.

We land in the upper astral world, beyond the material cosmos. This is the world of positive souls. We become positive unto ourselves. We consider the positive points in our lives. We think of the mantra “Positive in my life is...” We count as many positive things as possible, until the soul is glowing with positivity.

The World of Happy Souls

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Over the positive souls are the blessed souls. We are now in paradise. We imagine that all our wishes have been fulfilled. What do you wish? Fulfill them or let go of them here. Define the point where you have reached enough. Create contentment with your life. “My way to contentment is...”

The World of the Holy

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Above the world of the happy souls lies the world of the enlightened. We become sons and daughters of God, Gods and Goddesses, enlightened Buddhas. We wish for a happy world. We envision the following: “I send light to... May all people be happy. May the world be a happy world.”

The Great Transformation

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We move our hand to bless the entire cosmos with love and light. We move light into all areas of suffering. We send all suffering beings light. We surround them with light and think of the mantra “I send light to all suffering beings”. We think of all the problems in our lives and surround these problems with light. We integrate our problems into our life. We become masters of our lives. We surround all our life’s situations with light.

Seventh Heaven

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We come to the seventh heaven. We visualize a sun with strong energy composed of peace, love and happiness. The hands lay relaxed in the lap. We think of the mantra, “Om sun, peace, love, happiness, living in the light.“ We fill our souls with peace, love, happiness and light, and rest in the light of God (in bliss, in the enlightenment energy).

Inner wisdom

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We connect ourselves with the angels, Jesus or God. We rub the palms of our hands in front of the heart chakra and think, "Dear God (Om all enlightened Masters, Angels). Om inner wisdom. Please guide me and help me on my way.”


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We move our feet slowly, then stretch and wiggle a bit. We then return to earth and our daily lifes. We are filled with peace, love and optimism.

Meditation Music

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Open with a right click in a new tab and listen while meditating:

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