Go From Scratch

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Go from Scratch

An introduction to Google's open source Go programming language that does not require experience with another programming language (C, Java, etc.)

Table of contents[edit]


Contributing to Go From Scratch - Current plans and areas in need.

Assumptions - What you should know going into this book.

Existing Resources - Official and unofficial documentation for reference.

What You'll Need - What tools to use to proceed with learning Go.


The Origin of Go - Whodunit, and why they done it.

The Language - In broad strokes.

Compared To... - Go vs. other languages.

Get Going[edit]

The Flow of Go - The basics; how programs are arranged.

Math - Calculations and modulations.

Passage - Transferring data with types, arrays, channels, and so on.

Going Further[edit]

The Madness of Methods - Programming outside of boxes.

Interfaces - Interfaces. Interfaces interfaces. Interfaces.

Fun With Packages - A quick intro to the mass of material that comes next.

Basic Packages[edit]

The Basics - builtin, bytes, debug, errors, fmt, math, sort, strconv, strings, testing, time

I/O - archive, bufio, compress, encoding, image, io, text

Security - crypto

The Web - database, expvar, html, net

Low-Level - go, log, os, path, runtime, syscall, unsafe

Additional Packages[edit]

Alternate Interfaces - A necessity for many.

Math and Data - Keep data crunchy in milk.

Advanced Networking - Web and such.

Audio/Video - We're a bit beyond text and punchcards, don't you think?


Go Dictionary - Every usable word seen before Additional Packages.

Where To Go? - Show your Go.