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Go is almost 4,000 years old and is the oldest game to still be played in its original form. The creation of the game has been credited to Yao, (Traditional Chinese: 堯, Simplified Chinese: 尧) [1], an ancient king of China, as a means of educating his less than brilliant son but this is most likely not the actual beginning of the game. Many scholars believe that the origins of go are in divination and fortune telling. Wherever this game has it origin one thing is clear the game was first played in china.

Go in China[edit | edit source]

Go in korea[edit | edit source]

Go in Japan[edit | edit source]

Go spreads west[edit | edit source]

Notable People in Go History[edit | edit source]

Go Seigen[edit | edit source]

Kitani Minoru[edit | edit source]

Rui Naiwei[edit | edit source]

First woman 9 dan

Lee Chang-ho[edit | edit source]

Michael Redmond 9P[edit | edit source]

Janice Kim 3P[edit | edit source]

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