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How Do You Know You Have Mail?

The easiest way to check is to log into Gmail. Once you've logged in, your Inbox tab will be bold in the left-side navigation, and it will have the number of new e-mails in parentheses. Additionally, you can see which ones are new, because they are bold and highlighted in white, whereas read e-mails are highlighted in light blue. If you use your customized Google homepage, a preview of your Inbox and the first 5 e-mails appears by default in the top right-hand corner. If any of the top 5 e-mails in your inbox are new, they will be bold in your homepage module. If you use the Gmail Notifier, the grey Gmail icon in your task manager will turn blue when there is unread mail. When mail is received, it will give you a quick preview of your new mail.

Reading Your E-Mail

Once you've logged into your Gmail account, reading your e-mail is as easy as clicking on the e-mail you'd like to read. You can click anywhere on the e-mail you'd like: the subject, the sender's address, or the date - they'll all take you to the same place. If the e-mail is new (has not been read), the line highlighting this particular e-mail will be white. If it has been read, it will be light blue. If you are using your personalized Gmail homepage, you can click on the Inbox link to read all of your mail or on any of the first 5 e-mails in your inbox to view it directly.