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Git-based systems[edit]


Don't you too hate the emptiness in file:/usr/share/src/ of 2017 open-source misnomed distros?
Or their not letting you gdb each process down to the deepest library printf?
Or their maximal tarball bloat for minimal changes?
PS: A more ideal year 2017 would have seen us start this chapter with an eloquent "apt install && git clone && cd Git && git pull && emacs Systems && git checkin . && git commit && git push" lookalike idiom!

Goal: running system(s) entirely made of Git with many a git submodule or git subtree

Case Studies[edit]

2012-03-23 600M git clone claim to build a small changeable system
2016-08-17 28M claims to
2016-11-04 79M chroot you to smart developer
2012-05-11 139M lets you bash
2016-12-27 373M claims to have Git seasoned mother Gentoo of
2013-09-06 411M chroot you to git-based /dev/tty distro
2016-12-15 1004M claim to boot many /Programs/*/[0-9]*/
2016-12-30 1600M claim to build an XFCE build Linux from scratch for builders