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Here is where you can find a list of public repositories. Feel free to pull down a sample project and play with it.

Free, public, and open source

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This is a current list of repositories that will host anything (within reason) free under the condition that it is appropriately licensed and open-source.

  1. NotABug
  2. Free Software Foundation's official GNU Savannah Git hosting
  3. Git's primary free repository is maintained by Petr Baudis, who is also the maintainer of the git home page. Numerous notable projects are synced to that repository such as Postgres, and Linus's copy of the linux kernel tree. The repository and all of its projects can be inspected on the web thanks to the mod_perl gitweb interface.
  4. Codeberg (non-profit) provides free Git hosting in Europe, for FOSS projects only[1]
  5. disroot

The following sites offer free hosting and other services regardless of a project's license.

  1. GitHub
  2. GitLab[2]
  3. Bitbucket[2]

Birds of a Feather (BOF)

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Please do not ask to create a project on these public repositories unless your project relates to that of the repository.

  1. Official Kernel git repository
  2. X Window System specific git repository
  3. Debian specific, hosted by Debian.

Public project specific repositories

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  1. Offers free and paid repository management with some custom tools.
  2. Assembla Offers free public or private repository(500Mb) with Trac tickets or integrated tickets. Commercial subscriptions costs 19$/month for 2Gb of disk space.
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