Getting around Los Angeles by Rail/Metro Rail/Metro Purple Line

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A subway train arrives at Wilshire/Vermont station.
A Purple Line train entering Wilshire/Vermont station.

The Metro Purple Line is one of the 5 lines of the Los Angeles County Metro Rail. Part of it shares route with the Red Line.

Name of Line Purple Line
Route Number 805
Route Direction East-West
North/East Terminus Los Angeles Union Station
South/West Terminus Wilshire/Western
Transfer Stations Los Angeles Union Station (Gold Line, Metrolink/Amtrak), 7th Street/Metro Center (Blue Line)
LRT/HRT HRT (Heavy-Rail Transit) - Subway
Operated By LACMTA
Opened January 30, 1993
Route Length 6.4 mi (10.3 km)
Stations 8
Fleet Ansaldobreda A650

Stations[edit | edit source]

A Purple Line map.
A Purple Line map (click to enlarge).
Station Notes
Los Angeles Union Station Transfer to Gold Line, Metrolink, Amtrak / Eastern Terminus / Concurrency Terminus with Red Line
Civic Center Concurrency with Red Line
Pershing Square Concurrency with Red Line
7th Street/Metro Center Transfer to Blue Line and future Expo Line / Concurrency with Red Line
Westlake/MacArthur Park Concurrency with Red Line
Wilshire/Vermont Concurrency Terminus with Red Line
Wilshire/Western Western Terminus

Stations[edit | edit source]

Station Connections Date Opened
Union Station Red Line  Gold Line (Los Angeles Metro)|Gold Line  Silver Line (Los Angeles Metro)|Silver Line  El Monte Busway
Metro Rapid: 704, 728, 733, 740, 745, 770
Foothill Transit: Silver Streak (bus)|Silver Streak
Amtrak Metrolink (Southern California)|Metrolink
January 30, 1993
Civic Center Red Line  Silver Line (Los Angeles Metro)|Silver Line
Metro Rapid: 728, 730, 733, 740, 745, 770, 794
Foothill Transit: Silver Streak
January 30, 1993
Pershing Square Red Line  Silver Line (Los Angeles Metro)|Silver Line
Metro Rapid: 720, 728, 730, 740, 745, 753, 770, 794
Foothill Transit: Silver Streak
Angels Flight
January 30, 1993
7th St/Metro Center Red Line  Blue Line (Los Angeles Metro)|Blue Line  Silver Line (Los Angeles Metro)|Silver Line  Harbor Transitway
Metro Rapid: 714, 720, 753, 760, 770
Metro Express: 450X
Foothill Transit: Silver Streak
January 30, 1993
Westlake/MacArthur Park Red Line
Metro Rapid: 720
January 30, 1993
Wilshire/Vermont Red Line
Metro Rapid: 720, 754
July 13, 1996
Wilshire/Normandie Metro Rapid: 720 July 13, 1996
Wilshire/Western Metro Rapid: 710, 720, 757 July 13, 1996