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Administered by the Environmental Protection Division[edit]

Administered by the Department of Natural Resources[edit]

Administered by the Department of Community Affairs[edit]

Administered by the Soil and Water Conservation Commission[edit]

  • House Bill 579 (requires all farm uses of water to be metered by July 1, 2009) (signed by Governor Perdue, June 2003)

Administered by the Forestry Commission[edit]

Administered by Environmental Facilities Authority, OCGA 50-23-5[edit]

  • Georgia Land Conservation Revolving Loan Fund, per Georgia Land Conservation Act (O.C.G.A. 36-22-1)

Administered by Emergency Management Agency[edit]

Administered by Department of Economic Development[edit]

Administered by Secretary of State Office[edit]


Administered by Federal Agencies[edit]

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