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Beach Sand and Channel Dredging, O.C.G.A. §§ 52-9-1 to 2

Summary of the Act[edit]

The Chapter deals with beach erosion caused by dredging for navigation purposes in tidal inlets, rivers, and harbors. It is Georgia state policy that there should be no net loss of sand from the island beaches because of dredging. If feasible, any sand dug out of navigation channels is to be used to replenish adjacent coastal beaches. If the sand is dumped somewhere else, then sand from an alternate location must be brought in to replenish coastal beaches if the dredging has caused beach erosion. The sand replenishment activity must be done with the approval of the Department of Natural Resources and the local authority and must be done in a way that protects coastal marshlands and nesting sea turtles.

History of the Act[edit]

Specific provisions of the Act[edit]

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Effectiveness of the Act[edit]

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