Georgia Water/Policy/Georgia Game and Fish Code

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  1. Water Policy
  2. Management
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  5. Statewide Plan
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Chapter 2. Water Policy

2.3. Georgia Water Law

Game and Fish Code (O.C.G.A. 27-1-1)

Summary of the Act

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"This legislation provides the ownership of, jurisdiction over, and control of all wildlife to be vested in the State of Georgia. The section declares that custody of all wildlife in the State is vested with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources for management and regulation.

The Wildlife Resources Division is the principal State agency vested with statutory authority for the protection, management and conservation of terrestrial wildlife and fresh water wildlife resources, including fish, game, nongame, and endangered species. All licensing of recreational and commercial fish and wildlife activities, excluding shellfish, is performed by the Wildlife Resources Division.

The Coastal Resources Division issues shellfish permits, regulates marine fisheries activities including the opening and closing of the commercial shrimp harvesting season, areas of shrimp harvest, regulates marine species size and creel limits, and enforces the National Shellfish Sanitation Program.

The Commissioner of the Department of Natural Resources has directed that there will be cooperation and coordination between the Divisions of the Department in the administration of their respective responsibilities." [1]

Legislative history

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Specific provisions of the Act

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Administration of the Act

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Effectiveness of the Act

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  1. Appendix G. Laws and regulations affecting wildlife in Georgia