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Chapter 2. Water Policy

2.3. Georgia Water Law

Summary of the Act[edit]

"This legislation created the Coastal Marshlands Protection Committee which grants, denies, revokes, and amends all permits provided for by the Act and details the process to handle grievances of a party in relation to any rules or regulations adopted by the Board of Natural Resources. The Act outlines the powers and duties of the DNR and the Board of Natural Resources as to coastal marshlands.
Marshlands may not be filled, drained, dredged, or otherwise altered without a permit from the committee. The Act indicates the process for obtaining a permit and explains the points reviewed by the committee prior to issuing or denying a permit. It authorizes the inspection of marshlands by officers and conservation rangers of the DNR to verify compliance with the rules, regulations, and permits, and enforcement in the case of noncompliance." [1]

Legislative history[edit]

Specific provisions of the Act[edit]

Administration of the Act[edit]

Effectiveness of the Act[edit]


Appendix G. Laws and regulations affecting wildlife in Georgia