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The Georgia Water Resources Council was created by Executive Order of Governor Sonny Perdue on October 20, 2003, with charge to recommend the contents and scope for a comprehensive state water management plan.[1] The Council's recommendations were submitted to the Governor on January 6, 2004. The Council is now disbanded but superseded by the Georgia Water Council which has similar membership and charge to create the Statewide Water Plan.


  • Carol A. Couch, Ph.D., (Chair), Director, Georgia Environmental Protection Division
  • Hugh Gillis (ex-officio), State Senator and Co-Chair, Joint Water Study Committee
  • Lonice C. Barrett, Commissioner, Georgia Department of Natural Resources
  • Maria Greene, Acting Commissioner, Georgia Department of Human Resources
  • Mike Beatty, Commissioner, Georgia Department of Community Affairs
  • Bob Hanner (ex-officio), State Representative and Co-Chair, Joint Water Study Committee
  • Wm. David Bennett, Executive Director, Georgia Soil & Water Conservation Commission
  • Tommy Irvin, Commissioner, Georgia Department of Agriculture
  • Paul R. Burks, Executive Director, Georgia Environmental Facilities Authority
  • William R. Lazenby, Interim Director, Georgia Forestry Commission