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Undergraduate and Graduate Degree Programs[edit | edit source]

Hydrology[edit | edit source]

Water Resources Planning[edit | edit source]

  • Georgia Tech - City and Regional Planning
Environmental Planning and Management speciality
Key Courses

Water Resources Management[edit | edit source]

Water Pollution Control[edit | edit source]

Quantitative Methods[edit | edit source]

Professional Education[edit | edit source]

Citizen Education[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

  1. "Development of a Curriculum for a Masters Degree Program in Water Resources Planning" A Discussion Paper Prepared for the AWRA/UCOWR 2001 Conference, Snowbird, UT, June 28, 2001, Prepared by a UCOWR Academic Advisory Committee established by the Army Corps of Engineers: Duane Baumann, Geography, SIU; Darrell Fontane, Engineering/Planning, CSU; Steve Gloss, Ecology/Biology, Univ. of Wyoming; Ray Huffaker, Law/Economics, WSU; Ari Michelsen, Economics, TAM; Leonard Shabman, Economics, VTU; And representatives from the Corps of Engineers: Larry Donovan, Mark Dunning, Russ Rangos. June 14, 2001 (Modified March 2002)