Genetic Information/Overview of Sequence Statistics

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General History of Statistics

The historical development of the field of sequence statistics as discussed in this chapter represents the common denominator of genetic biometry. From its onset at the end of pre-dynastic period (about 3100 BCE) associated with Nilotic African graphemics to the present genomic age, sequence statistics considers probability the core of information.

Among the southern Luo in this particular subject, one finds the proverb Obaro nyar Wasare that is intended to conceal the meaning of probability and information research. Kwame Gyeke of Ghana suggests the importance of many proverbs from the Akan people. But this Nilotic proverb is the origin of limiting relative frequency, often recited by the wise people to reveal variation, frequency and estimation of the living being. In the work of Odhiambo Akoko (Paul Mboya 1953), Luo Kitgi gi Timbegi, for example, the science is revealed in the sense that one’s character and behavior in general is by far a reflection on one’s customs and traditions in which one operates.

The proverb teaches a bout kit Wasare concreted by rieko te in linear and circular order and means the amount or measure of understanding as well as the totality of what can be known to come from a parent, Wasare in linear form and taught by a teacher to the daughter of Wasare ma adiera.

Similarly, in decoded Egyptian hieroglyphics, Wasare is the Osiris or Ra whose daughter, mesia is ma adier, the truth, ma’at who is nyar re the daughter of Ra. In effect, from the Luo yud jaot (jaodi) which is finding a consort (Tehuty) and kido which is heredability comes the pharaonic udjat, the “sound eye” and khed, building a mathematical process with a living yardstick. It is this living yardstick that through Latin, metiri and old French, mesure, we get the origins of the English word measure that therefore is the ultimate source of biological mathematics as we know it today to have come from the Luo.

Genetic information relies heavily on modernized conventional concepts of statistics and probability in symbols to which we now turn.

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