General Engineering Introduction/Presentations/quiz

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1 Engineering presentations are important because they

sharpen engineering documentation
help fundraising
figure out what is important
minimize engineering documentation

2 Engineering presentation goals are

planting questions
inviting participation
getting help
explaining details

3 Engineering is like art in that

Is evaluated in class through presentations
Is shown to the public
Is juried by customers
Should be able to show off at any time

4 Engineers should be able to present at any time because

they are documenting continuously
projects are never "finished"
stuff never works
practice makes perfect

5 Valid reasons for not presenting at any time:

not working
not finished
have done nothing since last presentation
haven't documented anything

6 During an engineering presentation do the following

snow with details
educate audience with tutorial
start conversations
shrink detail so that those interested will ask questions
plan answers to anticipated questions

7 Engineering presentations are best started by

problem description
problem/solution pairs

8 A status update presentation has what objectives?

reassure the client, principal investigator or instructor
renegotiate the problem statement
educate the client
ask client open ended questions

9 The purpose of a design review is:

present design details
solicit concerns from other engineers
expose details to the public
prevent death, loss of money, equipment failure

10 What is a poster session?

something to academia
a small booth at a tradeshow or a physical poster at college
chance to talk to potential customers and clients
where engineering students plaster hallways with engineering posters