General Engineering Introduction/CDIO/Operation

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Designing and Optimizing Operations[edit]

The goals and metrics for operational performance, cost, and value[edit]
Operations process architecture and development[edit]
Operations (and mission) analysis and modeling[edit]

Training and Operations[edit]

Training for professional operations:[edit]

Instruction and programs[edit]
Education for consumer operation[edit]
Operations processes[edit]
Operations process interactions[edit]

Supporting the System Lifecycle[edit]

Maintenance and logistics[edit]
Lifecycle performance and reliability[edit]
Lifecycle value and costs[edit]
Feedback to facilitate system improvement[edit]

System Improvement and Evolution[edit]

Pre-planned product improvement[edit]
Improvements based on needs observed in operation[edit]
Evolutionary system upgrades[edit]
Contingency improvements/solutions resulting from operational necessity[edit]

Disposal and Life-End Issues[edit]

The end of useful life[edit]
Disposal options[edit]
Residual value at life-end[edit]
Environmental considerations for disposal[edit]

Operations Management[edit]

The organization and structure for operations[edit]
Partnerships and alliances[edit]
Control of operations cost, performance and scheduling[edit]
Quality and safety assurance[edit]
Possible operations process improvements[edit]
Life cycle management[edit]