Gender, Communication, and Technology/Notes on contributors

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Cheris Kramarae. I am delighted to work again with Zhang Wei on a collaborative project. We met in Beijing, where Wei teaches at the University of Peking and where, in 1999, Cheris was guest teaching for a term at the International College of Beijing (a joint educational program between China Agricultural Univ. and the Univ. of Colorado at Denver). Then we worked together as co-organizers of a "Future of Education" course at the International Women's University, in Hamburg, in 2000, where we worked with postgraduates from 14 countries. I am now associated with the Center for the Study of Women in Society at the University of Oregon, USA.

Zhang Wei. I am associated with the English Department, School of Foreign Languages, Peking University, China. Working with Cheris should be categorized as "playing". Hope *YOU* will also enjoy the process of women's creative networking!